How and Why to Open a Zazzle Store
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How and Why to Open a Zazzle Store

This article covers how and why to open a Zazzle store. The internet makes it possible make money from home by putting your painting or photographs to work for you. Opening a Zazzle store makes it quick and easy to sell a wide variety of products with no upfront costs or cash investment.

These days, there are lots of ways to make money online. Writing for sites like Knoji and Yahoo Voices are popular. The problem is that not everyone likes to write. Some people like to express their creativity through art or photography. For these folks, learning how to open an online Zazzle store can be helpful.

There is no inventory to keep on hand or ship. Artists and photographers simply create and upload designs, select products, set a profit percentage and relax. Almost everything is taken care of by Zazzle. They will sell your products, ship them and send payment to you by Pay Pal (after a threshold has been reached). This leaves you free to photograph or create art and market your store.

Creating your Zazzle store is easy and free. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees. Storeowners will need to visit to create a free account. You will be asked for an email address, Pay Pal address and other basic information. That's it. The rest of the process for creating inventory is just as easy as opening a store.

In order to make money from home with Zazzle, you will need a supply of original photographs or digital files of artwork or graphics. It is important to take your time and choose the images or photographs wisely. Images should be free from noise, graininess or pixelation when reproduced. Files should be large enough to enlarge well and show clear detail.

If you are uncertain, take the files to a professional printer for enlargement. Have them printed to at least an 8x10 (or even better a 12x16). Inspect the printed product carefully. A general rule of thumb is that if you're unimpressed, your customers will be too. Discard any files that aren't clear or fail to show detail well.

It is critical that you own the rights to all of the artwork or photographs that you will be using. That cute cartoon graphic may be your child's best friend but that doesn't make it usable for your Zazzle store. Taking graphics from online sources or using someone else's photography is generally illegal. If you aren't sure if the work can be used, then don't use it.

Zazzle offers almost every product imaginable. Place your photograph on a mousepad or tie. Put the artwork that you created on a mug or messenger bag. Need T-shirts for the high school band? Make money from home by uploading that snappy graphic you designed, select a T-shirt style that you like and and call the band director.

Go to the design center to get started with your Zazzle store. Click "create a project", choose your product and click "create". Upload your digital file. Add any text that you may want and position it on the artwork. Once you are certain that the look is right click either "save" to make the item available only to you or "post for sale".

The next screen will have a box for your item description. Use keywords that will show up in Zazzle search results. For example, "sled dogs in Denali, Alaska" is better than "picture from my Alaska vacation". Also on this screen you will be asked to select a category, choose keywords, rating and choose a profit percentage.

Before publishing, Zazzle will ask you to certify that you own the rights and can legally use the photograph or artwork. The next step is to click "done". Your product will appear in your Zazzle store within 48 hours.

To make money from home, people have to find your products. Market your Zazzle store online through social media and offline through friends and family. You may want to buy online or offline advertisements, printing business cards or purchase a few items from your store to use as giveways. There are no end to the ways that you can market your Zazzle store and put your hobbies to work for you.

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Thanks for the info on Gather.  I have thought about selling baked goods on there such as zucchini bread and pumpkin bread and things like that but I don't know how good I would do at that.  Of course since I would make them to order it couldn't hurt to try.