How to Make Money on the Internet
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How to Make Money on the Internet

Truth be told, when one talks of making money on the Internet, there are basically three kinds of individuals: first, you have the majority block, also known as the skeptics, who, come what may, will not succumb to the notion that money can actually be made on the Internet. The second group is composed of those who are somewhat skeptic, who looks at you extremely excited, but is very concerned deep inside. Last, there are the die-hard junkies who believe that one can really earn money from the Internet. And oftentimes the last group thinks that making money from the Internet is but a piece of cake and that they can immediately leave their quaint yet comfortable office cubicles and begin working from home fetching in two times the amount they made at their jobs with half the time. And whether you belong to the first, second, or the third category, there are a few items you need to know regarding how to make money online.

To be honest, I do know that lots of money may be obtained from the Internet. And I mean, lots of it. Though, it is much similar to starting a business. Whilst it does not actually take the same capital needed for a typical business setup, it does require more or less the same time as well as energy of an actual business. Initially, it is not worth it – you cannot even take home an amount that can be considered ‘decent’ from all the online money making activities you have been doing. Nonetheless, when you have a well-built down line and is able to find tasks that truly work in view of your personal strengths and weaknesses, you can earn moderate passive incomes. Then that is the time when you can make a living and earn money from the Internet. With that said, you have to be certain that you actually have a source of income (not merely the possibility of making such) before tendering your resignation letter.

I do believe that there are just as many ways to earn on the Internet as there are in the real world. A few are fairly more common than others. Though the real trick is to find what works for you – meaning, there will be a lot of trial and error. There are programs that work better for other people but can prove to be an utter failure for some. The game is really to find what you like doing, then actually doing it, and in turn, earning from it.

You have quite a range of options, which includes Pay-To-Click, Pay-To-Read, Pay-To-Post, Get-Paid-To-Join, writing, and blogging. Usually, these activities go by their initial letters like PTC for pay to click. So do not get confused when you see a bunch of letters accompanied by ‘earn from the Internet’. But one should remember the warning posted in the preceding paragraph re: a lot of trial and error. Before you can create a list of programs that works for you, it is but needed to actually try it for yourself. I mentioned that you have to have a list for the sole reason that none of these activities works by themselves on a single website. And even if you possess a blog, having just one will not generate any decent income; you will need to have a few blogs in order to make money online. You do not need to worry about trying new programs, I mean, it may end up not being a good one, but at least you have learned the basics.


There are a lot of programs that collect links from various advertisers. These programs then pay you to visit such links. There are those that pay merely a portion of a penny for a single click then there are those that pay 1 to 2 cents for each click. Pay-To-Click sites are nice simply because one can easily do this while performing other online money making programs. Basically, one has to wait for about 10 to 30 seconds and view the page before being able to click the next advertiser link. In here, you need not actually view the page, all you need is click the link, leave it for a few seconds, check your email, and just come back to the PTC site and just click again. This program will not earn you big bucks but this will definitely add to your primary income. Also, one can boost their earnings by gaining referrals. Usually, PTCs will pay you about half a cent for every click made by a referral.

=Pay-To-Read Emails=

Oh yes, that’s right! Paid to read emails. Yep, there are companies that would gladly pay individuals to read emails. As for the pay, well, that ranges from a portion of a cent to a few cents for each email. Typically, they would send a few emails a day. And like the PTC, there will be link (found in the body of the email) that need be clicked and viewed. After that, the amount will be credited to your account. And again, similar to PTCs, this does not bring in bundles of cash. However, you can actually acquire a decent amount if you have a lot of referrals working under you (aka ‘down line’). You can get referrals by buying them, by exchanging with other people who wants to earn money online, by advertising it, by joining a program, basically anything needed to get referrals.

=Pay-To-Post =

There are a plethora of forums that occupy cyberspace, and some of them will pay you to share your views and post them in their discussion boards. Of course, each forum has its own set of rules and regulations that need be followed. Oftentimes, your posts merely amount to a few cents, but over time, it will certainly grow. Remember, referrals will help you earn more.

=Get-Paid-To Join=

There are a few sites that offer get paid to join programs. And this can be rather profitable and scary as well. I mean, you try a new program or join a club then get paid doing it. Each payment varies and it can be hard and somewhat time consuming.

=Writing =

Writing articles can bring in money, most especially if you are good at it. I mean, you have a plethora of options from writing reviews, writing website contents, writing articles, and writing how to’s. A lot of websites would pay you to write for them, of course, they have different rates for different topics. It would take quite a bundle of articles to generate a significant amount, but it is very possible to earn a lot in this online gig.


Blogging, well, you can make money with your blogs, though it will take both your time as well as your energy. You have to create an aesthetically pleasing website, a keyword-rich content, then you have to focus on driving traffic in your blog; after that, that is the only time you get paid using various programs. Another way to earn from your blog is to get sponsored posts. In here, you can review products and post it in your blog. Other companies may even give you freebies. There are quite a number of options and companies that would pay you to write about their services, products, or websites. Definitely, sponsored posts will generate online earning swiftly.

To close, no matter what method you opt for to make money online, it takes time to generate a considerable as well as consistent income. If you begin today, you might be able to join an adequate amount of programs to bring in a few dollars. You can earn money on the Internet, it can be done!

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Comments (8)

I get paid decent, for writing, now it is not a full time income but it is great and that is how I make ends meet, I don't waste my time with per per clicks, I am a ghostwriter and I make as much money as I can produce, what I make is equivalent to what a person on minimum wage would take home and then I have my disability check each month and that is how I live

trying to get this darn system to work, just testing


Most of those options you listed are at the very bottom of the food chain and pay pennies because there is very little skill involved, with the exception of writing. If you're efficient with good grammar you can make decent income as a content provider. Most people view making money on the internet like a job, but it's not. You have to approach it like a business and allocate your time to what's more profitable. The more skill you have, the greater income potential. If all you can do online is post on forums, then all you'll get is pennies because that's all it's worth.

An informative post. There are many people out there telling you that for $97 or whatever that you can learn the secret to making money on the Internet. The secret is you get people to give you $97 to tell people how to make money on The Internet! It used to be the same with mail order years ago.

Beautifully written, and i feel it is accurate. I still won't know how much I can make until i try different things, but you pretty much said that. Its good to get an article like this that's honest!

I loved this article! If I may, to anybody reading this I'd also like to suggest where we're giving money away to surfers of our site on a regular basis. Please support it yourself too!

There are actually hundreds of ways to make money on the Internet. The most important thing before starting to make money online is first understand your skills and begin executing it effectively. Thank you for sharing this informative article. Keep it up! Goodluck, voted and shared.

Intereting article on "How to Make money from the Internet". There are several ways to make money online. Its up to you to choose the best way for making money online.